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More than 300 project references in Malaysia.

Sky Suites Residence

KLCC (1608 unit)

Star Residences

KLCC (1045 unit)

99 Residences

KL North (1124 unit )

Setia Sky Seputeh

Kuala Lumpur

Alix Residences

Kuala Lumpur

Carnelian Tower

Johor Bahru

D’Wharf Residence

Port Dickson

Bali Residence


Shaftsbury Avenue


The Cove


DK Impian

Shah Alam

Ferringhi Residence 2


The Suite

Jalan Ampang

Ami Suites

Mont Kiara

Eight Gurney Residence


SOHO Suites


Sri Tiara Residence

Kuala Lumpur

The Oval


Sunway Medical Centre

Bandar Sunway

Vortex Suites


Bukit Banyan

Sungai Petani

Ariva Trillion Residence

Kuala Lumpur

Wedgewood Residence

Kuala Lumpur



Nada 2

Negeri Sembilan

Utropolis Residence


Vangohh Confinement Centre


Sunset Villa


LYC Mother & Child Confinement Centre

Ava Residence

Kuala Lumpur

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Smart Solutions

Model 1812

Dimension: 370(H) x 76(W) x 23(D) mm

Model 1883

Dimension: 410(H) x 72(W) x 57.5(D) mm

Smart Home Integration

Project References
Years since 1991

Provide convenience for the user to control the opening and closing of curtain at your fingertip.

Blind / Curtain Control

Curtain or blinds

Our smart home technology is capable of automating the operation of curtains and blinds. You will always be able to discover the ideal solution for your windows

Energy saving

Even the most environmentally friendly air conditioning system need energy to cool your room. We can help you save energy by reducing temperature variations in your room. Close the curtains to keep the room cool by blocking out the sun.

A lighting control system is an intelligent network-based lighting control solution that uses one or more central
computing units to communicate between various system inputs and outputs relevant to lighting control.

Lighting Control

Colours & Colour’s Temperature

We provide you complete control over the light hues. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or a festive gathering, you can always simply create the ideal lighting atmosphere with colours. The colour temperature ranges from warm, which creates a pleasant ambiance, to cold, which creates a clean, modern style.


Apart from turning the lights on and off, you can also control the brightness. The brightness is displayed in percentage on the wall panel or mobile app interface.

An AC controller makes your air conditioner smart. It communicates with your air conditioner and enables the
addition of smart controls.

AC Control

Schedule your cooling system

Allows you to create a schedule that determines
when your cooling system should turn on and off.
This is perfect for bedrooms and home offices.


A smart AC controller gives you an app
that is specifically made to control an air
conditioner with nods to temperature,
mode, and fan speed.